Vice Principal of Lark Conservatory since 1996

Instructor of Armenian Language and Literature.

“Song rules supreme in this world, without song the universe is a mute.”


Graduate, with highest honors, of Yerevan State University’s School of Biology (Genetic Studies).
Graduate of the Piano Program at Sayat Nova Music School (Yerevan). She continued her graduate education and received a Masters degree in Human Genetics.


Authored numerous articles in various newspapers including “Nor Kyank,” “Nor Or,” “Masis,” “Asbarez,” “Nor Hayastan,” “Hamaynapatker Monthly” and the “Bnorran” periodical published in Armenia.

Awards & Titles:

Diploma from the Russian Natural Science Academy for special service in the field of Natural Science; Commendation from the Los Angeles Iraqi-Armenian Union for her invaluable service in relocating Iraqi-Armenians to Armenia; Recognition from the Bulgarian-Armenian Society for Culture and Arts for her contributions to the preservation and advancement of Armenian culture in Los Angeles through her activities at Lark; The Byuzand and Mary Margaryan Educational Institution Award from the Republic of Armenia.