Instructor of Piano Performance

Writer & Editor

“Music of Armenia has deep ties with its sister arts – together they shape our life and identity.”


Karine Derkevorkian graduated with honors from both the Sarajev Music School and the Romanos Melikian Governal Music College in Yerevan. Her instructors included Professor Igor Yavryan, who continued the traditions of the Russian school of the people’s artist Lev Vlasenko on the Armenian soil. She holds a recent AA Degree in Social Science from Glendale Community College.


An avid journalist, Karine Derkevorkian has authored countless articles in Armenian publications across the Middle East, Armenia, and the United States (including a series of articles devoted to musical review).

Awards & Titles:

Karine Derkevorkian is a 25-year (1978-2003) veteran faculty member of the Arab Music Conservatory’s piano department in Aleppo, Syria. For serving as an Armenian musician in Syria, her name is mentioned in the Armenian Brief Encyclopedia (2003, Yerevan). She has been a faculty member at Lark Conservatory since 2004, teaching piano performance, along with writing and translating numerous articles for the Conservatory on a yearly basis.