Photo of our student playing a piano concerto with orchestra

A commitment to continuous performance activity has been a trademark of the Lark institution. We believe that live performance enables artists to, both, hone their abilities through active expression and share great stories and personal worldviews with their community.

Lark began and continues its primary efforts though choral work, bringing to life the great large and small scale works from the Western and Armenian canons. However, performance activities have expanded to include a variety of instrumental, dance, operatic, and orchestral events for the Los Angeles public throughout the years. We have had the privilege of sharing in the timelessness of great artists, from Mozart to Mansurian, Beethoven and Bach to Komitas and Khatchaturian.

Within all Lark’s performance ventures lies a two-fold mission: First, the aim to continually develop our personal performing practice – ensuring our evolution as musicians and artists and motivating us to keep in step with present trends. We strive, ever, to embrace the world standard and speak the universal musical language with sophistication and modernity. Second, comes our hope to introduce Armenian treasures into the wider musical arena. We are in a constant search for those Armenian talents in performance and composition we can expose to American audiences, as well as great works – those that have survived across the centuries and those that define the modern Armenian character.

Above all, our guiding principle stays the same: To delve into the depths of musical thought, explore its expressive content, and delight in its mellifluous architecture.