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Sight Singing Grades II

Page 42. No. 13 – 18
Page 21. No. 8 & 9

Sight Singing Grades III

Play m3 and M3 from each key
Memorize the formulas for medieval modes, and play and sing all from F on the piano
Page 24 No. 31 & 32
Page 48 No. 89 – 95

Sight Singing Grades IV

Memorize the formula of V7
Page 86 No. 98 – 103
Page 62 No. 5a

Sight Singing Grades V

Page 131 No. 6 & 7
Page 151 No. 1 & 2
Memorize the formula of ii7

Theory Prep A (10-10:45)


Theory Prep A (12-12:45)


Theory Prep B (9 – 9:45)


Theory Prep B (1:30 – 2:15)


Theory IA

Continue Reviewing for the final.
Complete Pages 38, 46 & 48 for Homework.

Theory IB

Continue Reviewing for the Final.
Complete page 31 , and the counting beats part of page 17.

Theory II

Page 55 – 56


Files can be found here


Files can be found here


Files can be found here


Files can be found here


  • Watch this video and send me an email with a sentence or two about something you found interesting, observed, or learned from this video. This does not need to be long, and you can totally approach this as simply as you like, but I hope you will watch this in its entirety and see how a conductor works with the orchestra.
  • Listen to Beethoven’s 5th Piano Concerto second movement and follow along with the note
    • Finish analyzing pages 2 -3 (refer to how we completed page 1 in class).
    • Be prepared to present how you broke this down at the beginning of class.
  • For one brownie point (may or may not be an actual brownie, but equally likely to just be a brownie point, this is intended to be fun/ to encourage learning for the sake of learning!)
      • Something weird/interesting is happening in this song, tell me what it is. Hint: Try tapping out the beat, accenting the down beat if you get stuck.