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The conservatory is open to students from all backgrounds and levels of music ability, with admission starting as early as six years of age. The comprehensive curriculum is designed flexibly to meet individual goals with the highest standard of musical training. Whether you are working toward a professional music career, seeking a meaningful cultural activity in your spare time, looking to pick up a musical instrument, or simply searching for personal enrichment, your course of study can be tailored to meet these aims.

To register, students must:

  • Complete a written application form
  • Secure the consent of a caretaker (for minors)
  • Provide a one-time registration fee of $100.00
  • Pass an admissions interview to evaluate compatibility of the Lark Program with individual goals
  • Provide or take a photograph


All students pass a temporary assignment period in which they undergo individual course study in both instrumental and music theory classes to determine their appropriate level of placement (preparatory/beginner, intermediate, or advanced). Once placed, continuation in the program remains conditional, contingent upon receiving satisfactory evaluations after the first exam cycle.

The school is also open to non-academic students (18+) who do not wish to follow a formal instruction program. Such students act as auditors for courses of interest and are not required to pass exams, nor do they receive certificates of completion or diplomas.


Academic Year Terms:

The academic year is comprised of two semesters. The first semester begins during the first week of September and ends right before the Christmas holiday in December. The second semester commences the second week of January and goes through to the end of May.

The Conservatory is open Monday through Friday, 3:30 – 8:30pm, and Saturday, 9:00am – 5:00pm. Individual class schedules are variable per term, and specialization course schedules are determined between individual students and their instructor.


Conservatory Policies

Lark Conservatory maintains a stringent code of behavior and expectation to ensure the uniformity and consistency of studies. All enrollees are expected to abide by the rules of the school.

Students must arrive on time for private lessons and group classes. If a student must miss a scheduled session, notification should be given at least one day in advance. The school administration will arrange a make-up session. If the instructor is absent for any reason, students will be notified prior to and a make-up session will be offered.

The Conservatory reserves the right to dismiss any student for behavioral problems or if faculty finds the student lacks interest in the program. Students may also lose their privileges or be dismissed if they are:

  • Neglectful of schedules
  • Tardy to classes
  • Frequently absent
  • Disrespectful to faculty or classmates

Students are responsible for maintaining their course of study and must inform the administration of any changes therein. If a student is to discontinue matriculation, a withdrawal request should be filed at the administration offices. Notice to the instructor alone is not sufficient

No student may progress to Advanced Level classes if he/she has not satisfactorily completed the Intermediate and Beginner Level class requirements.

Requests for change of instructor, if necessary, will be considered and must be submitted to the Principal.



Exams are held separately for specialization and musicianship courses.

  • Exams in specialized instruments occur four times per school year: one technical and one final exam per semester for both semesters. A panel comprised of the full faculty adjudicates exams.
  • Quizzes and tests occur throughout the year in Musicianship classes and are at the discretion of the professor (with a final exam at the end of each semester).

All exams are evaluated on percentile basis (100%), a passing grade being 75%.



The conservatory has three levels of education:

  1. Preparatory/Beginner
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced

Each follows a specific annual curriculum integrated between individual instrumental study (if applicable) and musicianship classes. Yearlong courses build, one upon the other, to propel the student over time through an extensive journey of musical comprehension. Students who conclude the intermediate program receive a certificate of completion. Those who continue to complete the advanced program, as is recommended by the staff, are awarded a diploma.


requirements for graduation

Piano: Grade X
Strings: Grade X
Other Instrument: Grade VII

Sight Singing: Grade V
Theory: Grade II
Harmony: Grade III
Counterpoint & Fugue
Form & Analysis: Grade I
Music History: Grade III
History of Armenian Music: Grade I
Orchestration: Grade I

Choir/Chimes: 5 Years
Conducting: Grade I
Ensemble Class: 2 Years